SBC5 – School

My school is ISD, which the International School of Dakar. ISD starts really late compared to other schools I’ve been to. For example, my old school, AISB (American International School of Bamako) started at 7:30 AM, while ISD starts at 8:30 AM.  We finish school at 3:20 PM, and I often stay after school until 4:20 PM.

My classes are separated in days. In some schools, you have the same classes every week. But I think that days are better. We have 8 days, and 8 different classes. Each class has a period number, and each day has periods in different order. On odd days, we have odd classes while even classes take place on even days. It might seem a bit complicated if you aren’t familiar with this system of classes, but it gets easier if you have it at your school.

My eight different classes are:
1 – French
2 – Science (Physics for now, soon rotating to Chemistry)
3 – Math
4 – P.E/Health
5 – Design and Technology
6 – Social Studies
7 – Digital Citizenship (SBC class)
8 – Language Arts/English

On day 1, I start with period 1, then 3, 5 and 7. Day 2 is 2, 4, 6 and 8. And so on until the cycle restarts. So your schedule changes every week and I find it better than having the same schedule every week.


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